Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer 925 Silver Jewelry Fashion Trends Inspired by Nature

ESSENTIAL to the EARTH.  is a group of collections inspired by nature. Jewelry  tells several stories about water and oceans and out Abalone Collections truly reflect this

abalone earrings
Secret Garden Gems

These dazzling Paua Abalone Shell earrings are 32 mm, 1 inches in width and featured in a polished 925 Sterling Silver Setting
The Abalones are from Australia and handcrafted by Bali Artisans and feature a dazzling array of iridescent colors brought to you by
Secret Garden Gems Natural Collection

Flowers and Leaves completes the collections  in these stunning Bali Earrings.  The flowers are made of silver and  they come alive as if moving in the wind and lit up by the sun.
Bali Jewelry from Secret Garden Gems