Friday, May 2, 2014

Bali 925 Silver Jewelry Designs 2014

Bali Dot Tulang Naga Bracelet

Amethyst Cable Bracelet

Capture the secrets of paradise, inspired by the lush landscapes and natural beauty of the world’s most exotic destinations.
Secret Garden Gems  exotic jewelry collection exceeds your expectations at every turn with vibrantly colored gems that shine in sterling silver settings and intricate filigree that pays homage to the metalworking traditions of the Balinese.

Guy Bedarida, the creative director behind the oft-mentioned Bali-based jewelers,
John Hardy, said the exchange of jewelry-making savoir-faire went both ways between designers and artisans.
The jewelry being designed and made in Bali has its own characteristics that appeal to a wide audience

Balinese  925 Sterling Silver   is the inspiration behind this elegant cuff bracelet.
and is capped with intricately-cut amethyst. Shimmering sterling silver  embellishments complete a one-of-a-kind look you'll love


  1. Superb jewelry collections.I am happy to see this site.Thank you.Zarah from Bizbilla

  2. Gorgeous silver bracelets that I can wear anywear. I've always loved silver & gemstone jewellery. These are absolutely lovely & look so chic!

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