Monday, July 1, 2013

Gems and Jewelry New Designs for Fall and Winter 2013

Buying jewelry is always a scavenger hunt for me.  I try to discover some very unique and original handcrafted items from around the globe.  From the  natural geodes to jewelry from the Pink City Jaipur India.
Natural Druzy Pendant

This week I have chosen to make purchases from Jaipur  to bring to you some beautiful and unique pieces for the fall and winter season. Jaipur, not only known for the colored gem's processing center of India, but also a global center because of the most of world supply of cut and polished Emerald. Jaipur has been processing the whole rainbow of colored gems, beside pearl. The traditional processing work undertaken here with outstanding skills includes cutting and polishing of hundreds species of colored gemstones, both natural and synthetic, carving, beads-making, stringing, manufacturing of 'object d' art and fine jewelry
Moonstone Earrings
. There are many different styles of jewelry that can be found here, including Thewa Jewelry, Kundan Jewelry and Meenakari Jewelry. The jewelers use different precious gems like rubies, emeralds, diamonds and even sapphires while working on ornaments made of both, silver and gold. The styles that are used for these pieces of art are exclusive to Rajasthan. These exceptional pieces of jewelry are made with care and finesse.      
Citrine and Gold Earrling
All our pieces from India  are  individually selected and we only carry 1 or 2   of each piece so they are truly unique for our customers.  All our Indian Jewelry are handcrafted and made from 925 sterling silver,  Our gold pieces are beautifully veneered over sterling silver.


  1. You carry some extraordinary pieces here.

  2. Wow, the moonstone earring especially are so gorgeous!

  3. Oh wow, those moonstone earrings especially are so beautiful!

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