Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nature's Natural Jewelry Pendants Earrings from Druzy Agate Occo Slice

Secret Garden Gems Jewelry

Geodes are like the Tootsie Roll Pop of the geology world because underneath the hard exterior lies a surprise center!
Geode Jewelry
Geodes start their lives as a hollow bubble inside a layer of rock. The bubble could be from air inside explosive volcanic rock or it could come from the hollow remains of animal burrows or tree roots.  Most geodes have interiors made of either quartz or calcite. Quartz crystals are silicates.

Black Gray Geode Druzy Half Slice Natural Crystal Agate Earrings Agate druzy half slice earrings are graced with entire half-geodes
Secret Garden Gems Natural Jewelry Collection
Black Crystal druzy color
Natural raw agate geodes
Surgical Earwire
1.5 inches long including earwire
weight .25 grams
Druzy Geode Crystal Slice 

A geode is a rock with a rough looking exterior, that is filled with crystals. The geo prefix means "earth". This Oco Geode Druzi is from the Rio Grande, Brazil.
Jewelry designers are blinding us with (Earth) science as they turn real geodes—hollow rocks lined with crystals—into stunning wearable art.

Crystal Oco Geode Druzy Gold Slice Swirl Earrings 

Druzy Geode Crystal Slice Gold Plated Earring
Gold Earywire
Druzy Slice
Stones are approx. 1 1/2" long 

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  1. Really fantastic jewelry Ronni! The last set of earrings reminds me of grapes and add 2 letters for god to become geode.

  2. I always enjoy looking at your know I am a big fan and own a few granddaughter absolutely loved her new bracelet with the key..I told her when she wears it I will be with her always because this is the key to my heart..she is 19 and loved it..

  3. Brenda I am so glad she loved the special piece of Jewelry you gave to her I know she will hold it near and dear to her "heart" Thank you for shopping with us

  4. Thank you Brian for your insight how true your statement is :)

  5. I love all of them! Beautiful Pieces Ronni!

  6. Enjoying the eye candy created by mother nature along with the history.

    1. me too Mcatherine The pieces are really amazing mother earth is unreal

  7. I just love all the things God made -- there are so many surprises that we might never see, but I'm glad you have captured a few of them :)

    1. thanks i keep looking for all natures gifts


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