Sunday, February 24, 2013

Copper Wire Wrapped Jewelry Accents Sexiness and Femininity

From Russia with love....This Artist specializing in mad wire designer jewelry for daring people.  These pieces are truly statement pieces.  So eye catching. 
Secret Garden Gems

The combination of light like a web wire is her signatures to her jewelry. Crocheted part and rude and hard "tentacles", and feminine strikes imagination and reflects the essence of women - so complicated and conflicting. The Jewelry is made from copper wire, chains and other gemstones and made with amazing  attention to detail. No two pieces are the same as they are made to order.  

Designer Jewelry    Collection

 "The sweet wire wrapped and partly cotton cord wrapped necklace with nice little pods is great for casual style, it`s very natural twisted like the real pea which you can see in the summer..."
"This statement, bold, provocative and expressive piece is the real find for those who like massive jewelry and not to be afraid of expressing their selfs, to be the one, to be noticeable. It is obviously not for everyone and not for everyday, but for some very special event.
This piece has an industrial look because of the beautiful, deep color of copper and plenty of springs, but the gems add to this rough story a tinge of alive nature. Natural amber, clear with yellow tint citrine, pyrite with metallic effect and jasper make the necklace looking warm.
The necklace has a suede bottom to make wearing it more comfortable. But it is still heavy, so you have to take it into account."

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