Friday, December 13, 2013

Jewelry Trends 2014 Handcrafted Gemstone Earrings

We have discovered a new  artisan and fell in love with her Jewelry.  The detail and workmanship is just amazing.   I especially like the combination of metals used from sterling silver, brass and copper accents.
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  Copper Purple Turquoise Jewelry
 Secret Garden Gems
 Moonstone Jewelry we have a variety of necklaces and earrings at Secret Garden Gems
 Secret Garden Gems
We especially love mystic topaz and the rainbow of colors in the facets

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tourmaline Jewelry by Sercret Garden Gems

Tourmaline is an exceptional gemstone that continues to fascinate gem lovers and gemologists. 

As I search for new and unusual pieces of jewelry  tourmaline has captured my heart lately.  So the hunt for finding original pieces to bring to you is on. We at Secret Garden Gems are always searching for unusual designs and welcome folks to contact us with their design ideas.

We have found the following pieces and absolutely fell in love with these pieces below.  Tourmaline comes in a dizzying array of colors and is usually created from more than a dozen elements. If you are looking for a high quality stone that comes in an assortment of very beautiful colors, check out Tourmaline.

Secret Garden gems
There are five bangles that are wrapped with sari silk ribbons and two gold tone bangles. The colors of the silk is amazingly beautiful, both colors are a rich jewel-tone of green and dusty lavender. The tourmaline works perfect with the colors of the silk. I added a few little brass bells from India, a absolute stunning bracelet.

 Silk Ribbon Tourmaline Bohemian Bangle Bracelets

Monday, August 12, 2013

Jewelry Trends for Fall 2013 Your Guilty Pleasures

I am still swooning over some of the amazing cuff bracelet styles for this fall.   Wear them alone or  stack them up for a more dramatic effect.

Designers never fail to impress us with their new collections, and this year was no different. Some of our favorite pieces were the skinny open cuffs from Kismet, Azaara, Mary Louise Designs, Suzanne Kalan, Melinda Maria and Susan Hanover.

 Featured here is a Skinny Cuff  Bracelet from Secret Garden  Gems in traditional Balinese style in sterling silver and gold

Gatsby inspired Art Deco pieces were first inspired by Ancient Egyptian art, which is also trending this year. They’re back and better than ever this spring in classic silhouettes and bold hues, like these fabulous pieces from Suzanna Dai and Elizabeth Cole.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August Birthday Birthstone Beautiful Peridot Jewelry from Secret Garden Gems

August Birthday

Secret GardenGems
Peridot gemstones are formed deep inside the earth and  brought to the earths surface by volcanoes, In Hawaii Peridot symbolizes the tears of Pele the goddess of fire and volcanoes. The gemstone comes in colors of beautiful lime and olive greens. Sometimes known  as evening emeralds because they appear greener under the light.

These Beautiful Peridot and Pearl Earrings are  part of Secret Garden Gems Bali Collection.  The peridots are faceted and  are set in 925 sterling silver with a round pearl accent.    They were handcrafted for us by fair trade artisans in Bali.  A beautiful one of a kind August birthday gift for that special person..

Monday, July 15, 2013

Abalone Shell Pearl and Paua Jewelry

I am so mesmerized by the natural beauty  from our oceans.  I am fascinated by the colors in abalone shell or Paua shell and maybe pearls. The abalone shell and the Paua shell are both well-known among jewelry experts for the rich and iridescent colors they contain.The abalone shell thrives in water with strong waves and currents because this oxygenates the water effectively. A total of 100 to 120 species of abalone exist.
Paua is a species of abalone that is found exclusively off the coasts of New Zealand. It is sometimes referred to as sea opal or marine opal as opposed to its Maori name, paua. 

secret garden gems jewelry
Abalone Sterling Silver Earrings

Bali Jewelry
Bali Jewelry

Secret Garden Gems
Bali Craft Pendant

The abalone shell, including the paua, is known for its rich and iridescent colors and is consequently often used in jewelry. The inside of the shell tends to be mostly silver in color but with hints of green, blue and sometimes pink. The paua is known for being the most colorful of all the abalone species and displays intense colors. The colors can be green, pink, or purple and blue, and gold or crimson toning is often present

Friday, July 5, 2013

Anniversary Wedding Gift Guide Buying the Right Gift

Emily Post for starting the anniversary gift-giving convention back in 1922, and the list was modified by the American National Retail Jewelers' Association in 1937 to form the guidelines we follow today. Later, a second "modern" list was created. It's unclear when and where this one originated, but even with the addition of appliances and musical instruments, it seems equally stuffy at first glance.

Anniversary Traditional Modern
1st Paper Clocks
2nd Cotton China
3rd Leather Crystal/Glass
4th Fruit/Flowers Appliances
5th Wood Silverware
6th Candy/Iron Wood
7th Wool/Copper Desk Sets
8th Bronze/Pottery Linens/Lace
9th Pottery/Willow Leather
10th Tin/Aluminum Diamond Jewelry     

Want to see the complete guide..Visit Secret Garden Gems  the guide

  Here are some ideas to help you celebrate your wedding anniversaries. Both the traditional and modern gift suggestions for 1st through 100th anniversaries are listed.

1st Anniversary Gemstone:
Gold Jewelry, Pearl, or Peridot 

Sterling Silver Faceted Peridot Pearl Earrings Bali Jewelry

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Or  a wonderful Romantic Get Away at the Beach  ..home Away from Home..Summertree Village South Carolina

Monday, July 1, 2013

Gems and Jewelry New Designs for Fall and Winter 2013

Buying jewelry is always a scavenger hunt for me.  I try to discover some very unique and original handcrafted items from around the globe.  From the  natural geodes to jewelry from the Pink City Jaipur India.
Natural Druzy Pendant

This week I have chosen to make purchases from Jaipur  to bring to you some beautiful and unique pieces for the fall and winter season. Jaipur, not only known for the colored gem's processing center of India, but also a global center because of the most of world supply of cut and polished Emerald. Jaipur has been processing the whole rainbow of colored gems, beside pearl. The traditional processing work undertaken here with outstanding skills includes cutting and polishing of hundreds species of colored gemstones, both natural and synthetic, carving, beads-making, stringing, manufacturing of 'object d' art and fine jewelry
Moonstone Earrings
. There are many different styles of jewelry that can be found here, including Thewa Jewelry, Kundan Jewelry and Meenakari Jewelry. The jewelers use different precious gems like rubies, emeralds, diamonds and even sapphires while working on ornaments made of both, silver and gold. The styles that are used for these pieces of art are exclusive to Rajasthan. These exceptional pieces of jewelry are made with care and finesse.      
Citrine and Gold Earrling
All our pieces from India  are  individually selected and we only carry 1 or 2   of each piece so they are truly unique for our customers.  All our Indian Jewelry are handcrafted and made from 925 sterling silver,  Our gold pieces are beautifully veneered over sterling silver.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fall Winter Fashion Trends

 A few fall apparel trends worth noting will have an impact on jewelry. Black and white continues to be a very strong statement for fall
 For fine jewelry, this is a moment to seize. Black and white is one of the most classic, enduring combinations for luxury jewelry, offering the irresistible temptation of something expensive that actually will be in style forever. The look can be done at all price points, of course, whether it’s silver with enamel or black and white diamonds in platinum, making it probably the most versatile trend ever for jewelers who want to sell to women of all ages and budgets'  

Slim classics at Ferragamo,. The turtleneck continues to be important next fall; note the use of longer pendant necklaces to accessorize it.

 And while emerald green may be the Pantone Color of the Year, fashion designers are seeing the world in a slightly more olive tone—aka loden or army green. With its yellow undertone, it takes gold very well. Winter white also made big news, and it’s a perfect backdrop for any kind of fine jewelry.

The pendant consists of a slice of a rainbow crystal geode druzy with crystal points, polished,and set in a Sterling Silver bezel, with bezel set peridot gemstones from Secret Garden Gems Natural Collections

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nature's Natural Jewelry Pendants Earrings from Druzy Agate Occo Slice

Secret Garden Gems Jewelry

Geodes are like the Tootsie Roll Pop of the geology world because underneath the hard exterior lies a surprise center!
Geode Jewelry
Geodes start their lives as a hollow bubble inside a layer of rock. The bubble could be from air inside explosive volcanic rock or it could come from the hollow remains of animal burrows or tree roots.  Most geodes have interiors made of either quartz or calcite. Quartz crystals are silicates.

Black Gray Geode Druzy Half Slice Natural Crystal Agate Earrings Agate druzy half slice earrings are graced with entire half-geodes
Secret Garden Gems Natural Jewelry Collection
Black Crystal druzy color
Natural raw agate geodes
Surgical Earwire
1.5 inches long including earwire
weight .25 grams
Druzy Geode Crystal Slice 

A geode is a rock with a rough looking exterior, that is filled with crystals. The geo prefix means "earth". This Oco Geode Druzi is from the Rio Grande, Brazil.
Jewelry designers are blinding us with (Earth) science as they turn real geodes—hollow rocks lined with crystals—into stunning wearable art.

Crystal Oco Geode Druzy Gold Slice Swirl Earrings 

Druzy Geode Crystal Slice Gold Plated Earring
Gold Earywire
Druzy Slice
Stones are approx. 1 1/2" long 

Secret Garden Gems  Jewelry Nature Collections

Monday, March 18, 2013

Fall-Winter 2013-2014: Jewelry trends

With chains at Chanel, chandelier earrings at Balmain, Byzantine crosses at Dolce & Gabbana and offbeat accessories at Lanvin, we bring you a round-up of the best jewelry across New York, London, Milan and Paris for Fall/Winter 2013-2014.
 Signature of the Chanel look: the chain, and more specifically, the chain used for the 2.55 bag strap. Appearing on necklaces that held the hair back, bracelets and belts, here, oversized chainlink bangles are stacked on a single wrist.

 For Fall/Winter 2013-2014, the Lanvin creative director took as a starting point the words Love, Cool, Happy, Help which appeared on the runway as a chunky gold jewelry series. Offbeat crowns and insect brooches completed a fun accessories collection that chimes with the freshness and freedom of the Lanvin woman.

 After the 1980s hoops of Spring/Summer 2013, Olivier Rousteing took earrings further this season, with a collection of transparent plastic pendant earrings that reflected the jeweled colors of the Balmain epaulette jackets back on the girls, in a prism of colored light.

 Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane looked to 1990s grunge for accessories inspiration, with diamante and spiked stockings, biker boots and leather mini-dress paired with fine pearl necklaces and layered chains and charm bracelets.

Gucci used lots of feathers in their Fall 2013 runway show and also interpreted them in crystal form.
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Tortoise Shell Jewelry Secret Garden Gems Hot Jewelry Trends

Not sure what to wear with that special outfit?  We will be happy to help you pick out that perfect accessory to match your favorite outfit. Secret Garden Gems  jewelry ranges from Exotic Bali Jewelry to the latest fun fashion Jewelry from runway designers.
Tortoise Shell Jewelry Watch
 Spring /Summer is almost here and its vibrant forecast already has us dreaming of ways to style up an outfit that perfectly reflects its rainbow hues. This season, expect to see a spectrum of bright, bold hues and a serious mix of luxurious navy blues, icy grays, and jeweled purples to tag along.

Tortoiseshell Jewelry  is attractive to manufacturers and consumers because of its beautiful appearance and its durability, and its organic warmth against the skin

  There are many different styles and colors, but the newest trend is custom, vintage jewelry seems to be the biggest hit this year. The Victorian Era jewelry is the hottest accessory for the modern woman today. The traditional pearls that your grandmother wore back in the 1950s and 1960s are coming back with a twist of Victoria antique style.
secret garden gems
 The big rings have been coming back slowly, many of the big rings are custom authentic gems molded into a vintage look. Native American jewelry is heating up the runways with their big, angler, geometric, exotic, earthy look. The trendiest gemstones this year are amber, tiger-eyes, and turquoise.

secret garden gems jewelry
Chunky Jewelry Secret Garden Gems
  The precious metals that are most popular are the rose gold and sterling silver. These two metals accent the focal point gemstones mentioned above, bringing out all their intense colors. Art jewelers are having fun mixing up the different wild,  designs with a mix of beads to crate summers chunky jewelry designs.  

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Druzy Geode Jewelry Designs

Jewelry Designers are Blinding us with Earth Science

Jewelry designers are using beautiful stones and rocks to create jewelry designs.  They turn real geodes—hollow rocks lined with crystals—into stunning wearable art.
So, let’s start at the beginning: how do you get a hollow rock with lots of sparkling crystals inside? First you need a hollow rock.Geodes start their lives as a hollow bubble inside a layer of rock. As the mineral-rich water moves on through the bubble, tiny crystals are left behind, clinging to the sides of the bubble. 

Millions of years pass while this in and out flow of water gradually builds crystals inside the empty space. The crystal formations might become large single crystals or tightly packed micro-crystals, so small that you can’t even distinguish one from another.

Natural Earth Jewelry

Druzy is a layer of crystals that form within a mineral crust, like the inner cavity of a geode. Do you remember when you were little and you would crack open a rock and find the shiny middle? That is what druzy reminds me of, and essentially, that is what it is. The jewelry is most commonly made of titanium druzy, but amethyst and quartz are also popular stones used in druzy pieces. Depending on the stone, the color of druzy can range from a light pink to gunmetal grey.
Druzy is great because it is so different; it is dramatic but has a very organic feel to it at the same time. I think druzy, especially in the lighter shades, is the perfect accessory for this summer. If you're into the look as much as I am but don't want to dish out the cash for a designer piece, check out stores like  Secret Garden Gems for great druzy finds that won’t break the bank!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Copper Wire Wrapped Jewelry Accents Sexiness and Femininity

From Russia with love....This Artist specializing in mad wire designer jewelry for daring people.  These pieces are truly statement pieces.  So eye catching. 
Secret Garden Gems

The combination of light like a web wire is her signatures to her jewelry. Crocheted part and rude and hard "tentacles", and feminine strikes imagination and reflects the essence of women - so complicated and conflicting. The Jewelry is made from copper wire, chains and other gemstones and made with amazing  attention to detail. No two pieces are the same as they are made to order.  

Designer Jewelry    Collection

 "The sweet wire wrapped and partly cotton cord wrapped necklace with nice little pods is great for casual style, it`s very natural twisted like the real pea which you can see in the summer..."
"This statement, bold, provocative and expressive piece is the real find for those who like massive jewelry and not to be afraid of expressing their selfs, to be the one, to be noticeable. It is obviously not for everyone and not for everyday, but for some very special event.
This piece has an industrial look because of the beautiful, deep color of copper and plenty of springs, but the gems add to this rough story a tinge of alive nature. Natural amber, clear with yellow tint citrine, pyrite with metallic effect and jasper make the necklace looking warm.
The necklace has a suede bottom to make wearing it more comfortable. But it is still heavy, so you have to take it into account."

Want more information on these pieces    email me,    for special order information.  Be sure to Visit 
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