Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Beauty of Lentil Glass Jewelry Beads and Pendants

These beautiful Lentil  Beads and Pendants were created by an artist who blows and creates all  her glass work in her artist studio in Vienna.   Lentil stands for the word Lenticular - meaning the bead is shaped like a lens with a dome top on both sides of the bead with thinner edges surrounding the circumference of the bead.This glass  has several layers intricately designed to create depth and interest.

This lentil  bead is clear with beautiful  flowers in white and green with red and black accents.The focal glass in this section are typcially large, a statement  which the artist  then can turn into bold, elegant pieces of jewelry.  These authentic  Lentil Glass  Beads are made by the best bead makers as they require more skill and experience than smaller beads.The  focal bead can be used in your jewelry design or as a collector's piece.

This particular lentil  bead It was designed and handmade in her artist`s studio in Vienna on a Isiheat torch, wound on a 2mm mandrel and carefully cleaned afterwards.
A beautiful lentil bead in the colors of green, silvered ivory, silver foil, red and clear glass.
This bead measures 32mm from hole to hole, 33mm wide and 13mm thick.

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This  pendant is stunning and captures the light. A beautiful  large sterling silver pendant with a lentil in the colors blue, green and dark amber, decorated with goldstone.

The glass bead measures 38mm from hole to hole and 15mm thick.
The complete dangle measures 67mm.
All metals are  925 sterling silver.

You Can find these original works of art at

Monday, August 13, 2012

Jewelry for Fall and Winter Whats Hot

Happy Tuesday everyone. I have continued to be on the lookout for the latest jewelry trends for Fall and winter...as the gift giving season is soon to be here. Jewelry  that was very womanly, both simple and chic, unusual but traditionally feminine.   Various kinds of jewelry styles has appeared such as Multilayer, geometric, metallic, all these gold fashion jewelry match with the cool tone long drooping garments perfectly which can’t show elegance and terseness better more.

 Channel is really showing some magnificent pieces in a wide range of color. Cool metallic jewelry will dominate this seasons must haves. Huge necklaces which seemed to be made of metal, includes oversize bib necklaces and metallic pieces with large metal pendants. Exaggerated wide bracelet bangles were so interesting. Theses jewelry pieces add a touch of cold metallic, looking so bold and so cool. I so love the metal works jewelry. Secret Garden Gems has a wide selection of these styles.

Pieces that are inspired by Victorian times have also been featured in the fashion week designers by Oscar De la Rentel.  These pieces feature mesmerizing colors. Tassel is must-have of fall/winter 2012/2013, this time Oscar De la Renta has created enchanting tassel earrings made of mini beads, metal chains, or beautiful entwisted braids, giving off an outstanding exotic feel

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ocean Photographs Myrtle Beach Girls Trip Retreat

 A girls trip...one week at the ocean with  the girls at our Myrtle Beach Rental Condo  It reminded me of being a young girl....at camp.... being with your best girlfriends every day  What an amazing time we had  doing all the fun things girls like to do...
 The beaches were amazing...every day  climbing out of bed for coffee outside   on the screened in porch...after breakfast just the wonderful long walks at the ocean  It Does not get better than this
About 1.4 mile walk for us every day  to the Apache Pier    plenty of fisherman above us......Can't wait to go back.....and spend another wonderful week at Camp Condo Myrtle Beach with the girls...

Time to get back to reality  and I am inspired to bring you all the latest fall 2012 jewelry trends from Secret Garden Gems Imported Jewelry