Sunday, September 16, 2012

Featured Jewelry Handcrafted One of a Kind Accessories

Jewelry from Secret Garden Gems
Our Handcrafted Focal Glass Bead Pendants remains one of our top selling jewelry pieces this season.  We have had a lot of fun discovering new artisans and their hand crafted pieces.  The quality of the workmanship in these pieces are absolutely amazing.  We only have one of each piece, and when they are gone they are gone.  This artisan blows each piece individually and they certainly cannot be replicated..  If you are interested in purchasing these pieces you can find then at Secret Garden Gems  Just click on the link

Gun Metal Necklace

This Gun Metal Jet Black Pendant Necklace  is also a one of a kind hand created piece  It is just magnificent and a bold statement piece!
It features the ST. Petersburg Stitch  and has a matching bracelet.  This is our featured new product and it will accessorize  just about any outfit with its bold statement.  Click on the link to Purchase at Secret Garden Gems


The toggle clasp, handmade from copper, is secure yet easy to fasten. Including the clasp, the bracelet is approximately 7.50 inches, or 19cm, in length and .75 inches, or 2cm, wide. It will comfortably fit a 7 inch. or 18cm, wrist which is considered women's medium The cube beads used in this bracelet have quickly become a favorite as has the St. Petersburg stitch.

This stitch, with its roots in Russia, is based on groups of beads divisible by 3 and is easily combined with other stitches to create unique and beautiful stitch patterns.
Interested in purchasing click on the link


  1. thanks Tracie these artists are really gifted

  2. this blog is first of all very attractive..I scrolled all the way down and read them all..very interdsting and I love looking at your jewelry..I am a big fan and cannot pick one favorite is as pretty as the love love your jewelry...good luck in sales and one of these days I will treat myself...

  3. Lovely tweeted and facebooked. Beautiful one of a kind items

  4. I am just so impressed with your blog and your jewelry. Lovely! Lovely! Lovely!

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  6. I enjoy wearing 'bold' jewelry. You have featured some wonderful pieces here.

  7. love the gunmetal jewelry..well you know I love all of your jewelry...

  8. Those two gunmetal pieces are just stunning. LOVE that necklace.


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