Friday, September 21, 2012

The History of Jewelry

Jewelry is considered a precious, personal, important gift. Gifted by a loved one, it will be treasured and appreciated no matter the style, material, or cost. To make sure that your gift used  the best rule   is to give something you would expect to see her wear. Does she often wear chokers? Cuff bracelets? Bangles? Drop earrings? Choose a style you've seen on her before, If she wears silver, choose silver. If she tends toward gold, try gold. If you haven't seen her wear much jewelry, a simple, elegant necklace is your best bet, perhaps featuring her birthstone - or a beautiful heart! Secret Garden Gems Jewelry has something for everyone, from fun fashion to elegant and one of a kind hand crafted pieces.
Anniversary Jewelry (contemporary standard)
  - 10th Anniversary: Diamonds
  - 11th Anniversary: Fashion jewelry
  - 12th Anniversary: Pearls
  - 14th Anniversary: Gold
  - 15th Anniversary: Watches
  - 20th Anniversary: Platinum
  - 25th Anniversary: Silver
  - 30th Anniversary: Diamond
  - 35th Anniversary: Jade
  - 40th Anniversary: Ruby
  - 45th Anniversary: Sapphire
  - 50th Anniversary: Gold
  - 55th Anniversary: Emerald
  - 60th Anniversary: Diamond
  - January: garnet
  - February: amethyst
  - March: aquamarine (alternately bloodstone)
  - April: diamond
  - May: emerald
  - June: pearl (alternately moonstone)
  - July: ruby
  - August: peridot (alternately carnelian)
  - September: sapphire
  - October: opal (alternately lapis lazuli)
  - November: topaz (alternately citrine)
  - December: turquoise, blue topaz (alternately tourmaline)
Bali Bracelet
Bali Silver Jewelry




Sunday, September 16, 2012

Featured Jewelry Handcrafted One of a Kind Accessories

Jewelry from Secret Garden Gems
Our Handcrafted Focal Glass Bead Pendants remains one of our top selling jewelry pieces this season.  We have had a lot of fun discovering new artisans and their hand crafted pieces.  The quality of the workmanship in these pieces are absolutely amazing.  We only have one of each piece, and when they are gone they are gone.  This artisan blows each piece individually and they certainly cannot be replicated..  If you are interested in purchasing these pieces you can find then at Secret Garden Gems  Just click on the link

Gun Metal Necklace

This Gun Metal Jet Black Pendant Necklace  is also a one of a kind hand created piece  It is just magnificent and a bold statement piece!
It features the ST. Petersburg Stitch  and has a matching bracelet.  This is our featured new product and it will accessorize  just about any outfit with its bold statement.  Click on the link to Purchase at Secret Garden Gems


The toggle clasp, handmade from copper, is secure yet easy to fasten. Including the clasp, the bracelet is approximately 7.50 inches, or 19cm, in length and .75 inches, or 2cm, wide. It will comfortably fit a 7 inch. or 18cm, wrist which is considered women's medium The cube beads used in this bracelet have quickly become a favorite as has the St. Petersburg stitch.

This stitch, with its roots in Russia, is based on groups of beads divisible by 3 and is easily combined with other stitches to create unique and beautiful stitch patterns.
Interested in purchasing click on the link

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jewelry Trends Whats Hot

secret garden gems jewelry
Winter Collection
I am busy stocking  jewelry for this winter season.    I am so loving the bold jewelery styles for this winter .

  Secret Garden Gems Jewelry spends countless hours searching the internet for fun, elegant and different  unusual pieces for you.   And if you have something special in mind  we will try to locate it for you.  When we order our jewelry often they are one of a kind pieces, so stock is very limited on many of the designs we carry. 

We have beautiful sterling silver Jewelry From Bali, India and Italy.  Secret Garden Gems carries one of a kind pieces created by Artisans in the United States and Austria.

Would you like something specially designed for you?  Let us know, and we will help you find what you are looking for.....With the right jewelry, a woman can turn any outfit into a complete look that reflects her personal style. Even a simple black shirt with black pants can become be accessorized to be worn anywhere.