Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mysterious Sea Glass Jewelry

Secret Garden Gems NY
Sea Glass
I am Heading to the Ocean to  discover the rich translucent colors of sea beach glass.  While enjoying walks on the Atlantic Ocean  there are beautiful treasures to find. I continue to discover fascinating new tidbits on the beach.  Whether it is a beach glass bracelet, sea glass necklace or sea glass earrings, jewelry made with authentic sea glass has become very popular at all levels of our society. Beach glass
  • It is found only on beaches.
  • It can be found by anyone with access to a decent beach and the time and desire to search for it.
  • It has a pleasing luminosity or glow due to the effect of the "frosted" surface and diffusion of light.
  • There is a great variety of colors (although some are very rare).
  • It is one of the few *environmentally-friendly types of jewelery.  

Shop exciting designers like Patti Jo and designer Holly Yashi.
Give someone special some fun beach jewelry to spice things up!!
Take a moment and browse through their latest pieces.


  1. These designers are so talented, they make the most wonderful jewelry

  2. Growing up on the beach myself, I love sea glass!! Awesome necklace!! Your friend from the Networking Together site - Beyond The Awning aka Trish ;)

  3. Thanks for Posting Trish I am going to the beach and I will be on a mission to find beach glass I so want to make those wind chimes myself What a fun thing to do while relaxing at the Beach I will be posting my "finds" and progress here Plenty pf pictures to go along

  4. I hope you have/had an amazing time at the beach and found a lot of treasures. I am always amazed at what can be found and what people can do with what they find :) I checked out both links in this post and do not see any sea glass items.. well I did see an amazing book about sea glass... I have it and consider it the bible of the see glass.. but I could not find any jewelry or the wind chime :(

  5. Mechelle the wind chime is not for sale but rather an inspiration from the artist for us to make it ourselves....The sea glass pendants sell out so quickly :) During my trip to the ocean last week we could find no sea glass o the shore but we did find beautiful shells Thinking of making some mosaics with them...still thinking about it I will be in search of more sea glass jewelry and will hope to most is for sale on my website for those that are interested


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