Sunday, August 28, 2011

Do you Know What Your Jewelry Is Worth -Jewelry Trends

Knowing the market value if certainly important:  for both insurance purposes or if you choose to sell your jewelry. Research is necessary to know the current value of your treasured pieces of jewelry.
First step is to : gather information..need more information on how to know the value of your jewelry ..find it here  Jewelry Values

There are so many factors that impact jewelry trends: Fashion trends and Celebrities, Books, Movies and the Media, Economics, the Green Movement, and Art Exhibitions are a few factors.

Today Black is back: Today, oxidized metals, especially sterling silver, are taking the jewelry industry by storm. Designers love the finish for its tough, not so prissy, appeal. Blackened precious metals create fresh unpretentious-looking jewelry for both men and women. Styles, finishes and metal combinations are abundant. Check out the hottest trends and influences on oxidized jewelry.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wedding Bridal Hair Styles and Hair Jewlery

Kate Moss

When it comes to wedding hair styles there is so much to choose from.  One of the bigger mistakes many brides make  is to change their own appearance should be true to yourself  and adorn yourself with your elegant and natural grace.

 Whether your wedding day hair will be curly, straight, updo, down or somewhere in between,secret garden gems offers you irresistible  hair jewelry to  subtly accent your style

Wedding Hair Jewelry with lustrous Crystals
A  look of dramatic elegance, for when your looking to stand out from the crowd. Hair accessories that are filled with romance and modern couture, from Secret Garden Gems Jewelry

A Triple dot of Swarovski crystal bobby pins. These are silver plated metal and measure 2" long. Will look dazzling and irresistible for any hairstyle, at 

Dainty white pearls and iridescent Swarovski Crystals are intricately woven to the tips of a 12" flexible silver wire. Bouquet accents can now be coordinated and positioned with ease without having to worry about damaging your flowers or centerpiece arrangement. The gorgeous mixture of white pearls and glistening  Iridescent Crystals is the perfect finishing touch 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jewelry + Bridal Accessory Trends 2011

As accessories goes, a trendy piece of jewelry can immediately make any drab and boring outfit into an eye catching and chic one. Fashion jewelry trends 2011 forecasts that jewelry will be bigger and bolder. In general, the hottest new trends in jewelry are big and bold. The most popular colors will be earth colors, such as grays, blacks and browns. These will be pieces that remind us of nature and go well with any outfit. Popular colors for the fall and winter months are silver, black, copper, brown, and all shades of jewel tones. Turquoise blue, eggplant purple, deep fuchsia, emerald green are all shades you start seeing in clothing and jewelry as the summer cloths come off the store shelves and fall fashions make their appearance.

 Because classic rhinestone brooches were so popular in the 1960’s, you can often find them at vintage stores (but snatch them up quick because of their recent rise in popularity). The modern versions are usually a combination of colored pearls, cut gems and rhinestones.
Ribbons: Though not so popular in the 1960’s, ribbons are being used with pearls, rhinestones and cut gems to gather multi-strand necklaces, serve in place of a necklace clasp and accent earrings and brooches.

 2011 predicts that bangles and cuffs will be very popular. But just don’t wear a single bangle or cuff. You need to stack them up for a chic and casual look. The best thing about wearing stacked bangles is that you can pair them with anything from sundresses to skinny jeans. This look was seen on many celebrities from Drew Barrymore to Sarah Jessica Parker. Create your own unique look by stacking different colored bangles in a mix of metals. Chunkier cuffs are also very popular this season and you can choose cuffs that comes in semi precious stones, leather and even plastic. Handcrafted cuffs with unusual texture in dull gold and rose finish can instantly make you look sophisticated and chic. The thing to remember while trying out this trend is to wear at least 12-15 bangles. They should also be of different colors and designs to give it a more eclectic look.

Since earrings reside in the prime real estate surrounding your face, they can really influence your overall look. The trendy bridal earrings for 2011 exude vintage elegance in an array of pearls, crystals and jewels. Elaborate stud earrings are in fashion and complement a variety of wedding gown styles. Tiered dangling earrings in jewel-tones are also popular and look great with simple gowns with high necklines and up-do hairstyles. Bracelets are one of those finicky accessories that fade in and out of fashion but don’t worry, this year they are definitely in. 2011 bridal bracelets are all about multiple strands. Designs with twisted strands of crystals and pearls are popular accented by touches of rich jewel-tones.