Monday, October 3, 2011

Bali Harmony Ball Charms for Pandora Bracelets and Necklaces

The Balinese artistic designs are inspired by the wonders of nature, their love of art, and the abundant and historic beauty of Bali. Jewelry lovers and collectors will marvel in these precious adornments meant to bring out the goddess in each of us. All our Bali Jewelry at Secret Garden Gems  is made by hand, so we can create unique pieces that no one else could imagine.

A harmony ball is a charming figurine necklace that resembles something in the world. Each necklace is highly detailed and finely colored. They contain a bell which vibrates gently when you move. This is said to create a feeling of calm or "harmony" in whoever wears it. The traditional harmony ball originates from Bali. It is a symbol of calm and relaxation, and has been used by pregnant women there for centuries. The traditional harmony ball is a small silver heart-shaped ball that hangs from a black leather cord. It is about a quarter inch in circumference and height. The ball is finely detailed and beautiful. The small bell inside rings against the silver and creates a slight yet beautiful sound. Like wind chimes, the sound is subtle but noticeable and is sure to make even the most nervous person relax.

These Beautiful Locket Charm Pendants may be engraved and easily will adorn any Pandora Necklace, or Charm Bracelet
These Bali Harmony Ball pendants feature a full musical sound. This piece has filigree detailing symbolic of Bali Artisans work, and may be engraved. Materials are 925 sterling silver with a brass chime ball.

Overall length is 36 mm, 1.4 inches long entirely
Handcrafted Jewelry
Unisex Jewelry

Harmony Ball Locket
Sterling Silver surround
Brass Chime
Size: Large
Hangs approximately 1.65 Inch
.75 Inch Around
Musical Pendant Chimes ever so softly


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