Sunday, August 28, 2011

Do you Know What Your Jewelry Is Worth -Jewelry Trends

Knowing the market value if certainly important:  for both insurance purposes or if you choose to sell your jewelry. Research is necessary to know the current value of your treasured pieces of jewelry.
First step is to : gather information..need more information on how to know the value of your jewelry ..find it here  Jewelry Values

There are so many factors that impact jewelry trends: Fashion trends and Celebrities, Books, Movies and the Media, Economics, the Green Movement, and Art Exhibitions are a few factors.

Today Black is back: Today, oxidized metals, especially sterling silver, are taking the jewelry industry by storm. Designers love the finish for its tough, not so prissy, appeal. Blackened precious metals create fresh unpretentious-looking jewelry for both men and women. Styles, finishes and metal combinations are abundant. Check out the hottest trends and influences on oxidized jewelry.

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