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Fashion Jewelry Trends Spring-Summer 2011

Let's look at the top fashion jewelry trends for Spring 2011 and break it down. The subtle differences in color are important to capture for your designs to look and feel updated. Color palettes that will be strong for spring are Black/white, blue/green, brown/coral, white on white. However, by using indigo blue and Kelly green, adding bright orange to coral, and mixing white with burnished metals, and black with artisan textures, you will find these basic color palettes to look brand new. Tip: Best selling color fashion jewelry is usually a rich mix of tones, finishes, and textures. Vary your hues, and mix transparent, opaque, metallic, and matte beads into your Designs.

Don't underestimate the beauty of brown this season. I believe the strongest way to include a brown story into spring 2011 jewelry is to maximize the 'animal' patterns trend. Use faux tortoise shell, printed animal patterns under clear or transparent colored epoxy, animal printed ribbons, or metal pierced with crocodile and zebra open work. Tip: When working with animal print patterns use soft geometric shapes to display them.Simple discs and orbital earrings are always very strong selling silhouettes to include in your selection.

According to a nationwide survey conducted by International Communication Research, and reported in National Jeweler magazine, jewelry is one of the most popular gifts exchanged in the U.S. It was chosen by 26% of the respondents as the gift that would be the most likely to make them feel special — and make them smile. And why not? A gift of jewelry is a lasting expression of how you feel about your special someone — or how he or she feels about you. 

This is why  jewelry,while valuable itself, enjoys an added sentimental value once it is presented as a gift.  

Question on whether jewelry is important or not has never even arisen since every woman understands the essence of this accessory.
Classic pieces that will always be in vogue can become boring if one wears those again and again.
So, a little diversity will make you feel more exciting about your look and people around you will notice you much more often
All-metal jewelry. This jewelry trend is rather new if we forget about traditional items made of precious metals. The metal jewelry
 I’m talking about now is different. It’s mostly lightweight though large in size, often yellow but sometimes white. Some pieces come structured, making beautiful compositions.
Others are angular and can be of an irregular form.
Layered necklaces are as hot as ever.
They have become more elaborate but compact at the same time.
To wear such jewelry you’ll have to choose your clothes instead of choosing jewelry for the outfit.

As the price of gold continues to skyrocket. This will continue to have an impact on jewelery  trends. Brass, silver, wood and beads are going to take over the field while gold remains unaffordable for the masses. Beaded jewelery and unique custom sterling silver made pieces will help people express their individual style while not taxing already strained financial resources. Handcrafted unique jewelery will continue to be hugely popular. More popular than ever, in 2011, because of the desire to express oneself through creativity rather than extravagance. Dangling earrings, with glass beads or a central focus piece will grow in popularity. 2011 will be all about focus and meaning, and the dangling earring provides a perfect counterpoint

The winning trends

¨ Big and bold
¨ Dramatic, unique, unusual necklaces
¨ Huge cuff bracelets with big stones
¨ Natural stones, eclectic natural look
¨ Swarovski crystals
¨ Black
¨ Multi-strand necklaces
¨ Pearls
¨ Cocktail rings with huge stones
¨ Big hoop earrings

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