Thursday, September 23, 2010

Workplace Trends To Watch Fashion Week Wrap Up

Fashion Week’s just ended at Lincoln Center, where the country’s best designers showcased their Spring/Summer 2011 collections. Spring-minded shoppers: time to comb through fashion’s upcoming trends to find what will work, time to keep your eyes peeled for designer-inspired pieces to hit stores, and time to save your pennies for the high-end pieces you’ve just got to have. Whites appeared in suits and breezy dresses—paired often with a nautical splash of navy to punctuate Greys came in every hue, most readily in fluid silks, and the corals! Coral, it seems is the new red, popping up everywhere, from dresses to blazers to form-fitted bodysuits. Click here for a Slideshow of Spring 2011’s Freshest Colors

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Am AIKO Love these Sweatshirts at Shopbop Now

Here’s an interesting new clothing brand out of Los Angeles we thought we would turn you onto, because it’s fresh and unique – and highly artistic, The brand is Aiko – and its website is It’s being sold in LA at Neimans, Barneys, Saks and Madison – and it’s rare that anybody gets into all those stores. Online, you can check it out at and, and in New York, it’s being sold at Bergdorf’s, Bloomingdales, Intermix, Scoop and more.
The brand is run by Sean Barron, a fashion mogul who was behind the lines Katyone Adeli and Joie – both major, and by singer/artist/designer Cynthia Mittweg, whose blogs you have probably seen on from time to time. Cynthia wrote the song on the IAmAiko website, and sings it – she also models, and is a woman of many artistic talents. Cynthia’s also the Creative Director of Aiko, which sprung up two years ago. The name means “lovely child” in Japanese.

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